A journey to the heart of sharing and food.

What began as a husband and wife side job selling cookies at the local farmers market, has after five years, blossomed into a full time micro bakery with four employees. Brent (Balabhadra) has over thirty years experience in food service having worked front and back of house in fine dining establishments. His experience as sous chef for Wood Stone Corporation’s test kitchen gave him his first experience making bread. Later, working for a local bakery in the Pacific Northwest, he developed his enthusiasm for baking in general. But it really was at the farmers market where he learned by trial and error how to make sourdough bread, which is what he focuses on most, while his well trained employees help with prep, mixing, and pastries.

What Keeps Us Going?

Brent’s spiritual and professional life come together in baking, as every item prepared is offered to God with sacred mantras. This is what makes our products most special: they become prasad: the mercy of God. We hope and pray you are as fulfilled by partaking of this wonderful food, as we are in baking it.

Our Focus Centers Around

“Always Better Service”

Quality Products

Quick Delivery

Oven Baked

Qualified Cooks


Come Say “Aloha!”

We are honored to contribute to Maui’s unique flavor at the Napili Farmer’s Market. This special event takes place every Saturday from 8AM – 12pm.

We would love to meet you in person! 

Welcome to the Akua Seva campaign

We’re on a mission to renew the beautiful landscape above Lahaina, Maui. Our goal is twofold: reforesting the area with ulu, milo, and kukui trees to restore moisture, reduce fire risks, combat climate change, and rejuvenate the watershed.


Pour your ❤ into life.