Avada Bakery

Coco “Bacon”


🧡  Mostly Organic
🧡  Gluten Free
🧡  Non-GMO

Introducing our delectable Organic Coconut ‘Bacon’ – a crispy, smoky, and savoury sensation that’s not just for vegans and vegetarians but for healthy snack lovers too! Crafted with care and commitment to plant-based goodness, each bite is a blend of organic coconut chips, rich maple syrup, and a touch of savory magic.

Coconut is packed with healthy fats, including energy-boosting medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). This guilt-free snack, salad topper, or garnish is a delicious way to excite your tastebuds and power your day.

Embrace the taste of compassion and the goodness of nature with Coconut ‘Bacon’ – your go-to source of plant-based delight!


Pour your ❤ into life.


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